So proud of Xavi Torres Vicente, Tamara Lukasheva, Liya Grigoryan, Shai Golan for playing so beautifully during the Keep and Eye Jazz Award at the Bimhuis. Jazz is so alive! I couldn't believe my ears while listening to all these talented young musicians. Congratulations to all of you! Also happy I was part of the jury with incredible musicians Raul Midon, Jules Buckley, Gerry Godley, Ruben Hein and journalist Gijsbert Kamer. http://bimhuis.com/gigs/keep-an-eye-jazz-award-2


Congrats to #XaviTorresVicente #TamaraLukasheva #LiyaGrigoryan #ShaiGolan for playing amazingly at the Keep an Eye Jazz Award #Bimhuis. 28-03-2015